Month: May 2019


Did CCISD gerrymander Clear Springs High School?

Clear Creek ISD’s school boundary changes, approved unanimously by the Board of Trustees on February 29, 2019, shifted a whole bunch of high school students out of Clear Springs High School. Actually, let me correct that: the School Boundary Advisory Committee (SBAC) recommended that a whole bunch of low-income high school students be shifted out […]

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Is CCISD racist?

Recent events have had us asking, is CCISD racist? Probably. In September 2018, Nykisha Owens received a call from CCISD administrators, who couldn’t get their stories straight about her son, James Collins, a student at Clear Creek High School in League City. Mr. Collins was eventually suspended regarding a sexual harassment allegation, but these charges […]

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Scott Bowen CCISD
Board of Trustees

Bye Ann Hammond, Hello Scott Bowen

Perhaps in response to how the Board of Trustees has handled issues like disciplining special education students, incumbent Ann Hammond lost Saturday’s CCISD Board of Trustees election to newcomer Scott Bowen. On the surface, this is great news. Bowen campaigned on being able to ask hard questions – and challenging the status quo. He also […]

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