Month: November 2019


Our daughters are not safe in CCISD schools

It’s very easy to miss Vawn Stearnes’s plea to the Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees at the November 18, 2019 Board meeting. The meeting is dominated by the School Start Time Committee and Dr. Greg Smith’s milquetoast recommendations, as well as Targeted Improvement Plans for Brookside Intermediate, Stewart Elementary, and Clear View High School. […]

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Special Education

The SCOTUS case that can help Special Ed parents

Time and again, parents of Special Education students submit heartbreaking stories of abuse and neglect at the hands of Clear Creek ISD to us, and we’re powerless to stop this. We can’t force CCISD to provide services, to respond to parents in a timely fashion, and to protect arguably the most vulnerable students in the […]

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Board of Trustees

Did Dr. Greg Smith deserve a pay raise?

When us mere mortals come before our bosses for our annual review, we have to show results. We have to show that we’ve been doing our jobs, meeting the goals we set last year, and generally not screwing things up so badly that the media takes note. And then, after all that, our average pay […]

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