About Clearly Corrupt ISD

The mission of Clearly Corrupt ISD is to expose Clear Creek Independent School District in Texas for what it really is. Clear Creek ISD continually focuses on serving itself, covering up underperforming schools, and neglecting the children in favor of manipulating numbers to make the District appear to be a high-performing district. CCISD historically has been plagued with corruption, particularly in the Board of Trustees.

Here at Clearly Corrupt ISD, we want to bring the failures of Clear Creek ISD into the light of day. We want the public: the taxpayers, the parents, the guardians, and the community to know what is going on in the administration building on Marina Bay Drive in League City.

As much as Clear Creek ISD tries to obfuscate, we’ll be right there, pushing back. We’ll leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth, and in doing so, hopefully make Clear Creek ISD schools a place where our children actually learn and are not social experiments.