Analysis: Expect new CCISD superintendent Eric Williams to be a total disaster

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Monday night, Clear Creek ISD’s Board of Trustees gleefully announced the identity of their so-called “sole finalist” for the job of superintendent. And guess what? We suspected the choice would be bad, but it’s an even more epic disaster than we thought.

As a reminder, CCISD needs a new head honcho to replace Dr. Greg Smith, its longtime lead-from-behind chieftain who is thankfully retiring at the end of the year. (Impeccable timing once again Greg.)

But the presumptive new Superintendent, Dr. Eric Williams of Loudon County Public Schools in northeast Virginia, may be even worse than Smith, for a number of reasons.

LCPS is just outside of Washington D.C., so it’s not surprising that Williams would be coming from a district saddled with liberal policies that often run counter to the sound principles of traditional education. But it seems Williams’ specialty is appeasing PC parents and showing as little leadership as possible.

An LCPS parent summed it up in comments on social media: “Dear CC ISD parents: I am so, so sorry that you will be saddled with one of the most feckless subpar-intendents that we’ve ever known. I am however, thrilled about his departure from LCPS. He focuses on changing names of schools and mascots vs actual learning. No plan to return to school. We are a large SD, approx 80,000 kids, and this guy has abandoned every one of them. Stop this, you MUST.”

So what’s likely in store for CCISD when Dr. Williams takes charge?

Get ready for CCISD brick-and-mortar school closures

As of this writing, LCPS is still closed for in-person learning for fourth grade and up, and K-3 only has school two days per week. There is no virtual plan in place. You read that right: only very limited education, period, is taking place up in Ashburn.

Reading some of the comments from LCPS parents on Clear Creek ISD’s Facebook announcement, it appears that Dr. Williams could not even come up with a plan to re-open schools and facilitate the desperately needed in-person teaching that most children need, especially special education students.

As one parent wrote, “I’m mad because my child with an IEP hasn’t seen the inside of a school since March because of his lack of a plan or clear metrics to get us back in school.”

Not a great sign for CCISD, which already has, some might say, an uneven history when it comes to serving the needs of special education students.

Never mind that LCPS has seen six suicides since March, according to one commenter: four students and two teachers. Never mind that social media posts show students have been begging to go back to school, and so have teachers — knowing that there is potentially some risk, but wanting to help their students succeed. But no, to keep the doors closed Dr. Williams made plenty of excuses, like special education children won’t wear masks, in order to appease the woke Twitter mob.

Here’s what one parent volunteered: “Dr. Williams presented a plan to the Loudoun school board this summer to open schools. Then 2 weeks later he recommended the board vote against his own plan (that he copied from the next county) because it was unworkable.

Then (while no kids were in school in September) he spent his time on an 83 slide power point to show how he was combatting systemic racism in the school system he has been running for the past 6 years.

Then he outsourced his plan B to an education consulting firm for $47,000 and he recommended the board vote against that plan too!”

Make no mistake; when he arrives at 2425 E. Main Street, his first priority will be to shut down the schools like he did in LCPS. The district has fewer cases than Harris County – so imagine how quick he’ll be to lock the doors to CCISD schools.

Does this sound like the leader CCISD needs – or the death knell for the district?

But wait, there’s more!

Watch out, district performance

LCPS parents also note that Dr. Williams has “tanked” the district. The school system allegedly was ranked #1 in the state of Virginia when Dr. Williams took over, according to social media comments. It’s now down to #4, and sinking fast. Apparently CCISD’s Board of Trustees, including feckless newcomer Scott Bowen, made it a top priority to find a candidate who could continue Dr. Smith’s efforts to bring down CCISD’s Texas Education Association (TEA) rating. Maybe by this time next year, CCISD will rank at a C. One can only hope.

Magnet school students and parents may also want to take note of this potential disaster headed to CCISD.

As one parent wrote, “If CCISD has a magnet school, or a great program that works for academically inclined students, then get ready for it to be taken down more than a few notches. The first thing Williams does not like is smart students.”

Reports note that Williams changed the criteria for admission to magnet schools. Instead of going by merit, he decided to go by geographic area to make sure the, how do we say, “diversity” of the district was represented. In other words, smart kids were being denied spots for the sake of optics.

So don’t be surprised if CCISD says goodbye to its WAVE magnet and science magnets under this new leadership.

Liberal indoctrination runs amok

As if the threat of school closures isn’t enough to give any parent pause, how about this: Dr. Williams has also supported the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), an initiative that appears to demonize people of Caucasian descent and assumes that racism is present in everything. There are “equity leads,” and only students of color can apply to be them. It’s a divisive ideology, and one that should have no place in CCISD. Oh, and it cost the district $242,000. That’s right – one quarter of a million dollars.

It’s enough to make some parents who are friendly with status quo Board members like Jay Cunningham and Laura DuPont take notice.

One wrote, “Wow, disappointing to read all of these public comments from families in (Williams’) current school district. I would love to understand more about the selection criteria and process. CCISD is struggling as it is with diversity at top leadership, trust between families and district leaders and technology issues, and to see so much negativity from his current constituents is worrisome to say the least.”

Reports also note that Williams is in favor of indoctrination regarding gender fluidity and LGBT issues that are best left to parents. The “woke” curriculum includes books for elementary school age children that discuss masturbation, for example.

CCISD parents are already begging the Board to reconsider – although judging from CCISD’s own updates on social media, they expect parents and taxpayers to sit back and take it, after all the battering they’ve already taken before and during COVID. “No, honey, just put on your sunglasses and wear long sleeves and be a good girl.” No wonder the trustees kept this one a secret as long as they could. His stances on closures and CRT alone should be enough to make parents do everything they can to slam the brakes on this disaster before it’s too late. The parents of CCISD should not want this for their children!

The question is, will the Board really go through with installing Williams? What’s surprising to us is that this was a unanimous decision – and yes, that included Bowen. We expected him to stick up for the students, families, and taxpayers, and hold the line as an advocate for traditional values – which do not include closing schools or teaching CRT.

Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride in the Car Rider Line.

3 thoughts on “Analysis: Expect new CCISD superintendent Eric Williams to be a total disaster

  1. CC School District has no idea what they are getting in too. This is a complete infestation of liberal, left policies indoctrination of our kids. Williams is “mama bee” that is going district to district molding the minds of the next generation to be gender confused, teach equality through inequality and a policy of a race to the lowest denominator. The parents of CC have an opportunity before to reject this before he moves to town. Recommendations for the people of CC: Keep a close eye on voter fraud on a local level. Loudoun is experiencing it and the people have to go underground to fight it without being blackballed by the leftest who left places like NY and CA that moved to our disctrict. VOTE YOUR PEOPLE OUT NOW on who made this decision. If not, you’ve been informed.

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