Board: “It’s not my job”

CCISD Board of Trustees says it's not their job

During the Board of Trustees candidates forums, it became very clear why CCISD is failing our children. Ann Hammond was the one who said it:

That is not the board’s job.

Hammond was asked about the difference between the Superintendent’s duties and the CCISD Board of Trustees’ duties. She – and the rest of the Board – believe the Superintendent is the Board’s employee, but that they shouldn’t “do his job.”

However, the CCISD Board of Trustees is responsible for oversight of their sole employee. Here it is, in the Board of Trustees’ own words on their own website:

  • Board members serve as advocates for the children and families they represent.
  • The Board focus is on the best interests of Clear Creek ISD students.

That means, if the Superintendents are not acting in the best interest of the students, the Board needs to speak up. Parents come to the Board with problems, and it appears that the Board ignores those problems. It’s not their job, apparently.

The Board seems to like shirking the responsibility bestowed upon them by voters. At another candidates’ forum, Hammond was asked about the bus driver shortage.

Her response? “Not my job.”

Technically, no, it is not Hammond’s or the Board’s job to find bus drivers. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t help Paul McLarty find districts who have solved this problem. Are you telling me every single school district in Texas has a bus driver shortage? And that Hammond and Broddle, both professional “volunteers,” don’t have time to lend a hand?

But it’s not their job.

Remember that every time they rubber-stamp a “recommendation” put in front of them. They are nothing more than rubber stamps, not advocates.

Because being an advocate is not their job.

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