CCISD bullied League City – repeatedly

You’d never know it from how cozy Mayor Pat Hallisey is with former Board of Trustees member Ann Hammond, but Clear Creek ISD has a history of bullying League City. You’d think he’d be a little more wary of the district, but you’d be wrong. He’s just as much a part of the liberal cabal as any of the Board of Trustees members. Maybe it’s his advanced age that made him forget the Clear Springs High School debacle or any of the other times when Clear Creek ISD threatened legal action. Or maybe, after his earlier term as Mayor of League City ended in 1995, he decided to live under a rock, only coming out to reclaim his glory days.

In 2005, CCISD decided it wanted to build Clear Springs High School on Palomino Lane in League City, just north of Creekside Intermediate School. This land was zoned for residential use, and residents of Clear Creek Shores hired an attorney to block the permit. For one rare moment (possibly because attorneys were involved), League City listened to its residents and denied CCISD the permit to build Clear Springs High School. The city wanted to conduct a traffic study to see how the new high school would impact residents.

But what CCISD wants, CCISD gets. The district had previously fought League City to get Bauerschlag Elementary, Goforth Elementary, League City Intermediate, and Victory Lakes Intermediate. Knowing what we all know about CCISD, and reading about how Clear Springs played out, it seems like CCISD purchased land and decided, heck, we’re going to build here, no matter what League City has this zoned for. And the district threatened legal action, of course.

This time, with Clear Springs High School, CCISD filed suit. Yes, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to sue a growing city where it wanted to locate another high school. It had purchased a parcel of land zoned for residential use, and when League City listened to the objections of residents, it sued the city less than two weeks after the city council denied CCISD a Special Use Permit.

And in no surprise to anyone who has been following the liberal cancer spreading throughout League City, Judge Susan Criss, a Democrat, ruled in favor of CCISD. (Fun fact: Judge Criss presided over the trial where Robert Durst was acquitted for murder. Durst was guilty, by the way. Also, it wasn’t her fault that he was acquitted; it was the jury that ultimately decided.)

And in a big thank you to one of the oh-so-brave Board of Trustees members that voted to sue League City, CCISD named an elementary school after Ralph Parr.

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