CCISD censors peaceful protest during Clear Brook HS graduation

At the 32:22 mark of the Clear Brook High School graduation ceremony video, you hear what sounds like a microphone being tapped, and then one of the women we’re watching on camera abruptly looks to her right, toward the girl singing the National Anthem. What you don’t see? The girl herself. You don’t see the rest of the field of graduates of the Clear Brook High School Class of 2020 in any significant way.

As one astute reader pointed out, that’s because, while the rest of the country protests systemic racism and the death of George Floyd, this courageous young lady took a stand – in the form of taking a knee during the National Anthem. She exercised her First Amendment right to protest and express solidarity with the Black students in her school. And for that, instead of showing her singing at the end of the national anthem, as is the tradition, CCISD chose to cut away.

One student Tweeted:

“They didn’t show people at home watching that we were kneeling. They censored the whole thing. They also only showed Cats face (she was singing the national anthem) because she was kneeling. After, they went on to preach about how DIVERSE CBH IS .”

Censorship is alive and well in CCISD, and that’s why the camera never returned to this young lady. As we’ve seen in the past, CCISD likes to sweep problems under the rug, whether it’s the rampant disregard for Special Education students and their families or the racist application of policy toward a young Black man. It likes to censor anyone who disagrees, including Board members.

Or maybe it just doesn’t care, as another student tweeted. Maybe its Black students are just a prop to them:

“Yeah the video crew were told to “avoid distractions” so that shows you how much the school really cares about these things.”

CCISD should be proud of these students who are standing up for their beliefs. Instead, they want nothing to do with any of it.

Why Clear Brook High School students would protest

Clear Brook High School, located in Friendswood, has a student population of 2,258, 250 of which (11%) are Black. Overall, Clear Creek ISD has a Black student population of 8.2%, according to its own Community Based Accountability Report.

That is by no means an insignificant number of Black students who have seen men and women who look like them die at the hands of police (George Floyd, Sandra Bland, and Breonna Taylor) and racist vigilantes (Ahmaud Arbery). Their classmates are courageously standing by them and attempting to bring attention to the violence perpetrated against Black Americans.

Some estimate that at least 100 students at the Clear Brook High School graduation ceremony took a knee. These pictures are widely available on Twitter. But to CCISD, the diversity of Clear Brook High School is a prop. A tool in their toolbox to make themselves feel better about the systemic racism they foster. As one student Tweeted:

“and @ClearBrookHS I love my high school for the people there and the community of acceptance there, but I cannot BELIEVE that you actually use your diversity as a bragging point in EVERYTHING, & then throw students peaceful action of diversity as something to be censored.”

But welcome to CCISD, where the broom meets the rug, and where the only students that matter are the ones that fall in line with the District’s agenda.

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