CCISD endangers students during Tropical Storm Imelda

While Clear Creek ISD made a wise call on Wednesday, September 18 when it cancelled school across the district due to Tropical Storm Imelda, it immediately reversed all good will the next day. Despite reassurances via email, text, and phone that the district was monitoring the weather situation closely and was engaged in conference calls with the weather service in the wee hours of the morning, CCISD’s leadership threw all caution to the wind on Thursday and decided to hold classes.

Why? We speculate funding might be involved. At the last Board of Trustees meeting, Trustee Laura DuPont bemoaned how little of CCISD’s funding comes from the state and federal government. (Even though CCISD certainly collects enough in taxes to view anything it gets from state or federal sources as icing on the cake!)

Or it could be the general incompetence that is so rampant among the top ranks of CCISD leadership. Let’s face it, between the Board of Trustees and the brain trust at 2425 E. Main St. in League City, there’s not a lot of brain power, common sense – or reason to trust them.

Regardless of why CCISD decided to hold classes, the end result fairly early in the day was the same: early release. With cell phones across Galveston and Harris counties lighting up with flash flood warnings, CCISD made the oh-so-wise decision to load vulnerable students into buses, some with barely-trained drivers and none with seatbelts, to brave the flash floods.

Think about that. First, CCISD apparently blows off any sort of weather warning, then decides to put 42,000 students in harm’s way during flash flood warnings.

Parents understandably panicked, with many flocking to their children’s schools to pick them up, creating chaos at many a front office across the district. Aside from the inconvenience of parents not knowing if their children’s daycares would do pickup with an unexpected early release, it was also a danger to parents who had to rush home to either meet the bus or retrieve their children.

And who bore the brunt of this? The teachers and staff who had to dismiss the children in the rain, deal with irate or nervous parents, and worry about how they would get home to their families. They didn’t deserve this.

CCISD students deserve better than a careless administration that will hold school without heeding weather warnings, then send children home during flash flood warnings.

2 thoughts on “CCISD endangers students during Tropical Storm Imelda

  1. The children should have stayed at school. They were fine and the flooding wasn’t a problem. Instead everyone was out in the worst part of the storm. If you make a decision for kids to go to school leave them in school

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