CCISD’s hidden policy changes

CCISD Board of Trustees passes policy changes as obliquely as possible.

The CCISD Board of Trustees technically adheres to public meeting rules by posting the agenda for board meetings online. What it doesn’t do is provide a lot of insight into what these agenda items are.

Take the April 22, 2019 CCISD Board of Trustees meeting. Buried way at the bottom is Item 31: Consider Approval of TASB Local Policy Update 112 – SECOND READING. Apparently the second reading means the item will pass.

Item 31’s policy updates include:

  1. BJA(LOCAL): Superintendent – Qualifications and Duties
  2. CCG(LOCAL): Local Revenue Sources – Ad Valorem Taxes
  3. CCGA(LOCAL): Ad Valorem Taxes – Exemptions and Payments
  4. CCGB(LOCAL): Ad Valorem Taxes – Economic Development
  5. CH(LOCAL): Purchasing and Acquisition
  6. CQ(LOCAL): Technology Resources
  7. CV(LOCAL): Facilities Construction
  8. DCB(LOCAL): Employment Practices – Term Contracts
  9. DH(LOCAL): Employee Standards of Conduct
  10. DIA(LOCAL): Employee Welfare – Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  11. FMA(LOCAL): Student Activities – School Sponsored Publications
  12. FNG(LOCAL): Student Rights and Responsibilities – Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances
  13. GF(LOCAL): Public Complaints
  14. GKA(LOCAL): Community Relations – Conduct on School Premises
  15. GKB(LOCAL): Community Relations – Advertising and Fundraising

This can’t be found anywhere online. The closest thing is the TASB Annotated Update 112 for Policy Reference Manual, but it seems to be missing FNG and GF. We have no idea what these policy changes are, due to how vague the language is.

There were no Board workshops regarding the policy changes. Nor were these policy changes brought for discussion at the March 25, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting.

Not surprisingly, with 15 different policy changes, the CCISD Board of Trustees added it to the bottom of the consent agenda, then passed it as part of the consent agenda. Unanimously.


But does that really surprise you?

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