Did the SBAC adequately represent CCISD students?

On February 25, 2019, the CCISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept the rezoning recommendations from its School Boundary Advisory Committee (SBAC). The result is a rezoning that, come August, will affect over 1,500 students, 1,069 of them in elementary school. Twenty-two intermediate school students will be affected, and 555 of them are in high school. The SBAC allegedly was supposed to fairly represent all CCISD students. But did they fall short in that regard?

Let’s take a look at the final recommendations (click here). Now, let’s take a look at the SBAC members and who they really represent.

“Community members”

Clear Creek ISD requires that any SBAC needs to have two “community members.” These, according to the policy, are “two additional members shall be community representatives who may or may not be parents of District students.” Ami Vaughn (who lives in the unaffected neighborhood of Hidden Lakes) and Scott Reynolds were the “community members” on the SBAC. Basically, they had no skin in the game. But they’re required by policy to be on any rezoning committee.

High school representatives

  • Joseph Otto, Jr., Clear Brook HS – No students were moved.
  • Frances Wise, Clear Creek HS – No students were moved.
  • Shinny Anand, Clear Falls HS – Shinny lives in the Mar Bella neighborhood of League City, which was not affected.
  • Sara Holder, Clear Lake HS – No students were moved.
  • Abraham Oommen, Clear Springs HS – Abraham lives in the Friendswood subdivision of Autumn Lakes, which was not affected.

Intermediate school representatives

  • Karen Westerfeld, Bayside Int – No students were moved.
  • Lucie Easterwood, Brookside Int – No students were moved.
  • Kim Wager, Clear Creek Int – No students were moved.
  • Jenifer Treadway, Clear Lake Int – No students were moved.
  • Kari Balusek, Creekside Int – No students were moved.
  • Marie Boykin, League City Int – Marie lives in the League City neighborhood of Marbella, which was not affected.
  • Don Davis, Seabrook Int – No students were moved.
  • Jon Thompson, Space Center Int – No students were moved.
  • John Russo, Victory Lakes Int – No students were moved.
  • Darlene Hernandez, Westbrook Int – No students were moved.

Elementary school representatives

First, let’s take a look at the representatives missing from this panel. There is no one on the SBAC to represent Gilmore Elementary, which the Board of Trustees and Dr. Steven Ebell, the Deputy Superintendent in charge of the SBAC, knew would be affected due to the need to populate Campbell Elementary. There also was not an SBAC member that would have been in the Campbell Elementary attendance zone. That’s bad enough, but let’s go down the list:

  • Lauren Honeycutt, Ward – No students were moved.
  • Johnny Culp, North Pointe – Johnny does not live in Stillwater Cove and was not affected.
  • Nadin Norman, Wedgewood – No students were moved.
  • Emilie Spencer, Parr – No students were moved.
  • Ross Norman, Goforth – Ross lives in the League City neighborhood of The Meadows and was unaffected.
  • Kelley Adams, Robinson – No students were moved.
  • Ashley Gogle, Mossman – Ashley lives in the League City neighborhood of South Shore Harbor, not the Lakes of South Shore, and was not affected.
  • Kimberley Dunn, Hyde – Kimberley does not live in the Coronado Apartments and was not affected.
  • Lisa Palmer, White – No students were moved.
  • Mark Turner, Armand Bayou – No students were moved.
  • Keith Stephens, Brookwood – Keith lives far north of the boundary change and was not affected.
  • Tammi Rice, Clear Lake City – No students were moved.
  • David Dusl, Landolt – David lives in the Friendswood neighborhood of Autumn Lakes and was not affected.
  • Edward Ryskoski, Hall – Edward lives in the Countryside North neighborhood of League City and was not affected.
  • Zach Dunham, Bauerschlag – Zach lives in the Brittany Lakes neighborhood of League City and actively lobbied to get his section of Brittany Lakes moved to Gilmore Elementary, which is closer to where he lives.

Wait, WHAT?!

If you read through the November 28, 2018 SBAC meeting minutes, you’ll see that Zach agitated for his section of Brittany Lakes to be rezoned from Bauerschlag Elementary to Gilmore Elementary. The SBAC was specifically charged with setting aside personal agendas, keeping neighborhoods and subdivisions zoned to the same schools, and minimizing student movement – all noted in every single one of the SBAC meeting minutes, starting with October 17, 2018. Now, because he allegedly wants his kids to have a shorter trip to school, over 100 kids had to be shuffled out of Gilmore Elementary to make way for his.

Essentially, what Clear Creek ISD allowed was for SBAC members to dictate recommendations that would not affect them – or would serve to benefit them. And the Board of Trustees turned a blind eye so they could push this rezoning through as quickly as possible.

If “this district did it right,” as the SBAC’s vice-chairman Ross Norman claims, why were none of the SBAC representatives adversely affected?

Is it another Watergate? Probably not. Is it worth a closer look? Perhaps. Is it the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to at least press pause and figure out if the SBAC was working in the best interest of the students in the district – or only in their own self-interest? Absolutely.

9 thoughts on “Did the SBAC adequately represent CCISD students?

  1. So not ONE SINGLE SBAC member had to involuntarily tell their kids that they were changing schools?! Not one of them had to dry tears and reassure their children that they’d make lots of new friends? Not a single one?
    And you’re telling me that out of 500+ people who applied to be on the SBAC, not ONE of those people represented any of the areas that were affected? I have words but none of them are appropriate for polite company.

  2. You are an idiot. First you complain that none of the kids get representation and then you turn right around and the one area that does have representation you bitch about biases. You are the biggest hypocrite. You cannot have it both ways. Secondly if you knew anything about the process you would understand that half the members were from the previous committee of 2012 and half are new members. This is done so that half the people understand how the process works. It is a long process because I served on the 2012 committee. These people are volunteers who give of their time and it’s a lot of time. If you didn’t show up to every meeting and voice your concerns you are again a hypocrite. Because you didn’t put the time in to make your voice heard until after everything is done or they make a recommendation. Your fault for not being involved.


  3. Let us think about this for a moment.

    I have one child only. He has attended Beaurschlag for all his elementary career. He had one more grade to go to finish out his elementary career at Beaurschlag. For anyone with an I.Q. over 20, you’d obviously know and understand that I’d prefer my child to finish up his time at his same school, with his friends from the past 5 years. That would mean I’d heavily prefer him to remain in the same school and situation to promote this personal ideal elementary experience for my only child. Well………putting Personal Agendas aside……………. which I see many can’t see passed their own and see the difficulties mounting with growth within the community around them………….. are upset.

    The idea to have this situation change for my own benefit for my child to attend a slightly closer school is beyond a ludicrous idea. In fact, the opposite was even proposed at public meetings that not ONE child of any SBAC member was subject to the changes. Obviously wrong there too. I canvassed the community of my neighborhood and spoke with parents of current and future students. I read comment boards, text message my neighbors, attended the public hearings.

    To think that these efforts and hearings are for show………. ?

    There were boundary suggestions that were pulled, especially for the Clear Falls, South Shore Harbor, and middle school boundaries plus the Parr and LC Elementary Lines due to public comment.

    To say that comment was not taken into consideration is outright false in the real world.

    If I had it my way, Sedona wouldn’t have been built as large, Kroger wouldn’t be on the Parkway, street lights wouldn’t be coming in and LC Parkway would have been what it was in 2009. Well, a decade later, life happens and the area changes. Maybe for the better, and maybe not. Perspective is personal. I would have kept the boundary lines the same and….

    In reality, this was not an option. Change has been thrust upon us. Change is perpetual. Progress can’t be stopped. I put the benefit of the greater community ahead of my more desired position and leaned on also other people while participating in the SBAC and my immediate neighbors.

    Presently, due to other personal developments and the school boundary being a part of the decision, we no longer reside in the district or Texas. Relocation closer to aging relatives out of the great state of Texas was pulling us out while the boundary change was a push.

    An irrational and emotional mind that would create drama and would suggest that my effort was intentional and malevolent with the boundary change to happen, with personal intentions all in mind to leave the district anyway. That said, your highly ignorant, you obviously don’t know me or my character.

    Get your facts straight, look beyond yourself always when it comes to service and try to make God a part of your life. God and country. That includes your community. Family first. In the whole equation, I was way down on the list.


  4. You are a liar. In the SBAC meeting minutes, you clearly state that splitting off YOUR portion of Brittany Lakes to attend Gilmore is not a concern for these residents. As a result, 123 children, including mine, were shuffled out of a school where they were thriving at to a school that will have portable classrooms and construction workers wandering the halls. And now you’re not even living with your decision…?! Did it not occur to you that *maybe* you should recuse yourself from the SBAC since you already had one foot out of the state?!

    If public comment had been listened to, the SBAC would have reopened hearings on the plan to shuffle around students on the west side of League City. Instead, the SBAC decided to push the changes through and not reopen hearings, despite several very viable alternatives. No, it was just the *appearance* of listening to public comment.

    Now, on almost a daily basis, I have to reassure my child that she will be fine at Hall, that she will make friends, that she will be able to attend GT, all the while worrying that the portable classrooms will still be in use and that there will be construction disrupting her education. So don’t come over here and start talking about how this was the final straw. You could have very easily said, “No, this would not be acceptable for my portion of Brittany Lakes, and I’m sure the parents in Rustic Oaks would object to this as well.” But you were silent and even said the boundary change would be okay for your neighbors. This is on YOU. YOU could have stopped this, but you did not.

    Also, your child STILL has to change schools. This time, he has to go to a school in a state where he knows no one. So much for being concerned for your kid.

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