How CCISD handles coronavirus

how ccisd handles coronavirus

We were all geared up to write about something else, but then the incompetence and arrogance at CCISD rears its head once again. This time, it’s how CCISD handles coronavirus.

If you’re on the email list for CCISD, you likely received a message on Wednesday, March 11 that CCISD was “deep cleaning” buses and classrooms, and that a final decision would be made about school Saturday March 14 after 10 a.m.

That’s just the first example of incompetence and arrogance that CCISD showed toward coronavirus. First of all, the email specifically stated that no cases of coronavirus had been confirmed in the CCISD area. Second, the email also stated that a decision wouldn’t be made until Saturday – when most daycares were closed, and most working parents who couldn’t work from home would be scrambling to find care for their children.

Likely the district received a barrage of emails and calls, which is why it announced closures the next day, rather than waiting until parents were up a very murky creek in a leaky boat.

Fine, CCISD schools are closed for a week. It’s a hardship, and a lot of parents still have to work. They’ll figure it out, as they’re a resilient bunch. (You have to be if your child is a CCISD student.)

But then, in a knee jerk reaction, CCISD announces on March 16 that it would close through April 10. And in a display of arrogance, the voicemail message left on machines across the district stated that CCISD was “working around the clock” on distance learning options.

Really? We’re supposed to believe that? If so, could CCISD please link us to some live footage of Dr. Greg Smith at 2 a.m. trying to figure out how to get distance learning options to children, particularly low income children who may not have access to a computer at home? (CCISD does not provide devices to elementary school students.) One can only hope Dr. Steven Ebell isn’t in charge; given his recent recommendations, he would likely require six hours of videogames.

Rather than taking a calm, rational, week-by-week approach, CCISD is feeding into the panic by shutting everything down for another three weeks. Closing for one more week would be justified. Blanket closing for a full month is not. Taking a wait and see approach would have been better – or at least giving the appearance of taking that approach! – because it would have helped stem panic.

Now, though? Well, we’re still waiting for link to that live feed of “around the clock” work, and we’re watching panic intensify as CCISD fuels the fire. That’s the part that gets us the most: “around the clock.” Like CCISD worked so hard to fix the special education students’ busing problems earlier this school year?

How does CCISD handle coronavirus? As incompetently and arrogantly as possible.

2 thoughts on “How CCISD handles coronavirus

  1. First off, they never cleaned the busses. The mechanics at CSF can’t even keep the vehicles maintained. I for one won’t be putting my kids on any CCISD bus. Even though Greg Smith is retiring, only to be replaced by some politically connected pal, they won’t ever do anything that involves anymore then picking up a phone. I wouldn’t put my kids on a bus from CCISD. Not for a million bucks. Same for the classrooms. I doubt highly they disinfected.

    1. First off, Chris Pitts, you are a liar. Not a typical liar who o my says what the boss says, you lie because you don’t know what else to do. The last day I was in YOUR shop which is completely out of YOUR control I was told to keep a mask on. No one did that at all. Maybe if YOU went to your building and supervised instead of driving your truck in circles at the stadium and smoking ciggretts you would have a clue. You are one of the most detached supervisees I have ever me. Back to your covid BS. No 9ne in masks then June 9th y’all send a letter saying we have possibly been exposed to Corona virus. It’s not just COVID either. Who is ministering asbestos? Not John Simmons. Not Gailon because he can’t even walk 6 feet. For the fact alone that CCISD has issues with safety outside of covid, no parent should consider sending their kids to any school in CCISD. I say this here now and it’s my word against yours, and that’s fine. In the end when the proper agencies bring it to you all the folks who need to know will. Say Chris, 2by is it a bus driver for CI*SD can eat about not bei g drug tested for 5 years? Want his name ? Larry Taylor’s office call y’all get? To any parent who reads this here, don’t believe any CCISD employee when if comes to your child’s safety. All Chris Pitts is doing here is sucki g up to Greg Smith in hopes he will get a promotion when Smith deployes his golden parachute. Also remember your school board member at election time. It matters.

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