Is CCISD racist?

Recent events have had us asking, is CCISD racist? Probably.

In September 2018, Nykisha Owens received a call from CCISD administrators, who couldn’t get their stories straight about her son, James Collins, a student at Clear Creek High School in League City. Mr. Collins was eventually suspended regarding a sexual harassment allegation, but these charges were never brought to the DA’s office.

In January 2019, despite CCISD promising no retaliation, Mr. Collins was stopped at a school basketball game for allegedly smelling like marijuana. A Galveston County sheriff with no formal field sobriety testing certification administered a trumped-up field sobriety test and declared the 17-year-old to be under the influence. However, no paraphernalia was found on the teenager.

Mr. Collins was sent to disciplinary school for 30 days, even though a drug test came back negative.

With all that evidence, you’d think Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Karen Engle would have overturned his suspension. You’d be wrong.

CCISD may be punishing African-American students more harshly than their peers. According to published reports, 28 African-American students and 24 white students from Clear Creek High School were placed into disciplinary school in the 2017-2018 school year. However, African-American students number only 263 out of 2,348 students at Clear Creek High School. State data shows that 1,140 students at Clear Creek High School are white.

A Bungled Level 4 Hearing

Mr. Collins, Ms. Owens, and his family took the fight up to the CCISD Board of Trustees on April 22, 2019 as a Level 4 Grievance. Their mistake? They chose a private hearing. CCISD was supposed to record the proceedings. Trustee Jay Cunningham (who is African-American, and a member of the National Black MBA Association Houston Chapter) was in charge of the audio recorder. Either through gross incompetence or intentionally (our money is on the latter), the proceedings did not record.

So much for a fair hearing.

Needless to say, Mr. Collins’s suspension was not overturned and remains on his record.

The NAACP Comes to CCISD

As it seems the only way to get CCISD’s attention is to protest, a crowd formed outside the May 20, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting to protest how Mr. Collins’s case was handled. During the Board meeting, a member of the local NAACP chapter spoke about the bungled case and the disproportionate number of African-American students punished by CCISD.

Ms. Owens spoke about the seemingly random and very disparate policies regarding marijuana use (30 days in disciplinary school) vs. vaping (3 days of in-school suspension).

And the public comment portion closed with a chant of “No justice, no peace!” At least a dozen members of the local NAACP chapter were in attendance.

No action could be taken by the current Board, as the Level 4 Grievance is the last stop. The public speakers merely were bringing potential racism into the spotlight.

Is CCISD racist? The actions of Ms. Engle, along with the Board of Trustees members seated on April 22 (Ann Hammond, Jay Cunningham, Dr. Laura DuPont, Page Rander, Jennifer Broddle, Arturo Sanchez, Chris Reed) would suggest so.

Remember, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And this is a lot of smoke, folks.

Updated to add: This isn’t the first time CCISD has been accused of racism. A complaint went all the way up to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights. If you read this letter, you’ll see how CCISD basically engaged in obstruction of justice by not providing information to the OCR.

8 thoughts on “Is CCISD racist?

  1. I’m not surprise to what happened to this lady. I wonder of those ladies who made those sexual harassment allegation where Caucasian? I say this because that is exactly what happened to my son and I am still fighting those allegations. My son got denied a scholarship due to those allegations. The girls who made those allegations happened to be Caucasian and worst of all I had found out that these girls were bullying my son but he was too embarrassed to say anything because they were girls and they used to be his friend so that is what he thought. I found out when I went to have lunch with him and I approach this girl to ask about my son, her reaction was “Eww” and gave me an ugly look. Wait it gets better the principal even witnesses this but she tells me that I was harassing that girl. Anyhow nothing was done to her and so I had to file an OCR complaint because the bullying was getting out of hand that they wanted to arrest my son for another false allegation. The case is still pending. We will see of the outcome.

    So in the meantime I decided to find out who is the DA of Galveston county. This information is vital if your kid ever gets prosecuted because no matter what kind of lawyer you get it all boils down to the prosecutor. His name is Jack Roady I plan to find out more about him and see where he stands with some of these allegations that CCISD writes towards kids. Lets not forget that once your child is 17 can be convicted as an adult. So any allegation toward your kid of any sexual content from a kid who is doing it out of spitefulness BEWARE.

    1. Race doesn’t matter in regards to sexual harassment in CCISD. It’s all about who you know. As an excample, one employee got a DUI on his personal time. When he came to work he was fired and told to reapply in a year. Then, just recently another employee was pulled over for DUI, also Hispanic and they let him move to Hyde elementary. The policy says we get a DUI any time you are fired. Unless you are good friends with Dr. Oprey. Then you can do whatever you want. CCISD needs investigators from an outside agency to come in and audit and investigate them.

  2. I also believe that CCISD is bias. We pay the same taxes any other Caucasian person does and we could at least be treated with dignity. My child had a clear Plastic container with no label on it that was used for HOLDING LEAD for his pencil. Without question they sent him to alternative school for 30 days for no reason. THEN they said the would have the container sent to a lab to be tested for THC. So i was like alright and when the container was tested came back they said it came back negative. Then they had the nerve to switch my child classes without my knowledge so instead of 30 days they made his stay longer, which is wrong for so many reasons. 1 I didn’t even know 2 i asked why they changed it and they couldn’t give me an answer 3 It isn’t punishing him its really punishing me because i have to go to work and i have to leave work to pick him up which is messing up my life.They wouldn’t treat a white person like that. He would probably get 1 day of in school suspension.

  3. This is crazy that it continues to happen only affecting our African American boys the most. I am currently fighting a similar issue with Clear lake High School.

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