Is CCISD trying to start another war with League City residents?

Part of the 2017 Clear Creek ISD Bond Program includes $24,796,922 to upgrade the main transportation center located at 2748 FM 518 in League City. As part of those upgrades, CCISD is expanding the location into a wooded area – a little too close for nearby residents’ comfort.

Because CCISD wrapped up this upgrade into the bond package, League City residents didn’t realize they’d be in for such a treat. But now that design and planning is wrapping up, and construction is going to start – only one whole year later than on the original timeline! – residents of the South Shore Harbor neighborhood have their dander up.

The first one-minute speaker at the recent CCISD Board of Trustees meeting, Constance Webb, was concerned about the trees being bulldozed, because it will ruin some sort of natural habitat. The next speaker, J.E. Webb, indicated that the trees were being cut down for “school safety reasons.” He was also concerned about the “value” of his property. The third speaker, Dave McFarland, lives right up against the tree line. He’s also concerned about his property value.

(Honestly, it sounds like these folks are a little out of touch with reality. But they mentioned that, several years back, League City proposed a bypass road that was rejected. Is CCISD planning to turn a blind eye so that the bypass can be added anyway?)

Regardless of how divorced from reality these community members are, they weren’t aware of this bus barn expansion because it was buried in the gigantic, monolithic bond. Now, they’re desperately trying to find out what’s happening to the area behind their properties.

And if history is any indication, League City residents will fight tooth and nail against CCISD. So the big question is, will CCISD work with League City residents to preserve at least a token tree line, or will they spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees to fight them?

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