Let’s make re-registering kids as difficult as possible!

Re-registration forms opened up last week for Clear Creek ISD schools, and as parents discovered, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

With all the money CCISD spends on IT, you would think that re-registration could be a user-friendly experience. You would be very, very wrong.

First of all, parents and guardians must go through 15 different screens to “update” information, instead of a quick review or to change certain things like emergency contacts. And if you have multiple children in CCISD schools, you have to go through all these steps for each child.

Second, the site itself is set up with frames that are not adjustable. That would be fine if parents didn’t have to read text that goes outside the width of the frame. For those that are not computer-savvy or are visually impaired, this can be very difficult.

(Pro tip: Select all the text in that frame, then paste it into a text document.)

Third, you can’t do this from a mobile device.

Finally, you also have to bring your proof of residency and shot records to the school in person. There appears to be no way to electronically submit those items, even though it would arguably be easier for CCISD to manage electronic records. Unless… the information security isn’t tight enough to protect student information.

But they wouldn’t put our students at risk, right?

CCISD is making it as difficult as possible to re-register children. Why? What are we spending money on? Overpriced computers? We know they’re not spending it on surveillance. It makes no sense, and it shouldn’t be that hard to make sure your child is all set for school on August 19.

It’s just another example of CCISD not really caring about the families it is supposed to serve. We’re not surprised, but we are disheartened that even something as simple as re-registering children for school has to be so difficult.

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