Rest in Peace, Trustee Reed

This past weekend, Clear Creek ISD Trustee Chris Reed passed away in a boating accident. His boat was hit by the wake of another, larger craft, and he lost his footing and fell overboard. He was not wearing a life vest.

Trustee Reed served as a U.S. Army paratrooper and city manager for League City and Nassau Bay. At the time of his passing, in addition to serving on the CCISD Board of Trustees, he also was the Kemah Police Chief.

In what’s probably very symbolic of the problems in CCISD, while he was missing, people held a “support gathering” instead of doing what they could to help find Trustee Reed. While not everyone could be out on the water, they could be providing meals to first responders and to the family.

Nevertheless, we were saddened to learn of Trustee Reed’s passing.

CCISD has set up a link through CCISD Cares for anyone who would like to make a donation to support his family–all contributions will go to them (select “General Crisis Support”):

And please, whenever you’re on the water, wear a life vest.

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