TEA denied CCISD’s request for reconsideration (2015)

As we know, Clear Creek ISD has a long, sordid history with its Special Education program. It’s going to take three years to implement all the recommendations from the Gibson report, and several Special Education parents have had to sue to get CCISD to pay attention to their plight. And we can’t forget how one Special Education student is now being sent to juvenile court.

One interesting thing we discovered in our research is that CCISD was cited by the Texas Education Agency for pushing Special Education students out of its schools. CCISD did appeal this decision, because apparently CCISD thinks it can do no wrong. TEA shut that notion down.

Apparently, CCISD used the truancy process to get rid of its Special Education students and steered them toward the GED program, even though a lot of the students wouldn’t have successfully passed the exam. What CCISD basically was doing was encouraging Special Education students to drop out of school, according to advocates.

Clear Creek ISD had the most troubling cases of the four school districts cited: pushing a student with Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, and ADHD into a GED program.

In our complaint, the facts from Clear Creek were some of the most egregious.

Dustin Rynders, supervising attorney with Disability Rights Texas

Yet four years later, we have Special Education students still being forced out of schools and being mistreated. The district needed an outside firm to come in and tell them that they’re still screwing up royally. They didn’t learn from the TEA citation.

But will CCISD ever learn?

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