The rules don’t apply, Jay Cunningham edition

Jay Cunningham, District 5 Trustee, CCISD Board of Trustees, breaks the rules

It’s become abundantly clear that the rules don’t apply to Board of Trustees members. District 5 Trustee Jay Cunningham’s children are barely, if not completely, unaffected by policies that he votes for. And the rules don’t apply to Mr. Cunningham at all, as was highlighted at the Clear Springs High School graduation ceremony on June 1, 2020.

While other parents had to sit and social distance, when Mr. Cunningham’s son’s name was called to receive his diploma, Mr. Cunningham was allowed to rush the stage and hug him. No mask, no precautions, just allowed to jump right on up for the photo op.

The rules don't apply to CCISD Board of Trustees District 5 representative Jay Cunningham

Must be nice, considering that his kid didn’t get affected by the grading policy he voted for and is happily off to college with his NCAA scholarship.

This Black life doesn’t matter to Cunningham

You know who he didn’t rush up and hug? James Collins. You know, the kid whose life he almost ruined? The kid who he couldn’t be bothered to press the “record” button for, as he was required to do to create a record of the Board of Trustees hearing where he voted to uphold the systemic racism in CCISD?

In a time when young Black men are being stopped by the police and murdered by vigilantes in predominantly white neighborhoods, Mr. Cunningham cast aside Mr. Collins as disposable. He upheld a clearly racist application of CCISD policy and, best case scenario, was too incompetent to create a record that could be used when Mr. Collins and his family inevitably would appeal that decision.

But likely due to his arrogance, this never occurred to Mr. Cunningham. No, he and his sons are doing just fine and unaffected by any of Mr. Cunningham’s horrible voting record. We’re ashamed to have Mr. Cunningham on the Board representing any part of CCISD.

A happy ending for Mr. Collins

However, we’re pleased to report that there is a happy ending for Mr. Collins. He will be attending the Southwestern Assemblies of God University on a football scholarship. This young man, whose life could have been completely derailed by CCISD, is getting a chance to shine.

We’re incredibly proud of Mr. Collins and wish him well in the next chapter of his life.

One thought on “The rules don’t apply, Jay Cunningham edition”

  1. The rules don’t apply to Jay Cunningham? The rules only apply to those people who aren’t friends with the right people. In my time at CCISD I have personality seen it, and have emails to back it up. This what’s in the article is nothing. I have seen a man talk about creepy things involving 11 year olds. When reported it was brushed off. CCISD gave this man who they trained to be a lock smith the chance to resign instead of being fired after no investigation other then checking the guys work phone which was loaded with porn. The Electrical supervisor accepts gifts from contractors, which if I remember right is a fire able offence, but Ed White and Chris Pitts let him do it. It’s likely they take bribes to. Then there i another guy who gets a DUI. District policy is you get fired if you get a DUI, but Dr. Casey Oprey did not fire the guy because Dr. Oprey is friends with the person’s mother. Then there are the mechanics. They can’t keep busses running, nor can they even keep up with maintenance on the other district vehicles. Think of it, your kids ride those bus’s. This is 100% Greg Smith fault. I have never seen a person in a position as important as his who is so detached from their job. I’m willing to bet Greg Smith was installed by a friend. He is to lazy and incompitant to have landed that position through merit. Hope he enjoys the golden parachute the local tax payer bought him.

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