Time to vote out more incumbents

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Early voting started today, and if you live in District 2 or District 3, you’re in for a treat! Way down on the ballot, you get to vote out Storm Trooper Win Weber or Arturo Sanchez, respectively. Here’s why it’s time for them to go.

Lowering grading standards

Remember how the CCISD Board of Trustees voted to remove the requirement for intermediate school students to pass social studies and science? Win Weber, an attorney who apparently didn’t have to take any social studies courses to graduate with her J.D., and Arturo Sanchez, who works at NASA, of all places.

Let’s also talk about the lowered standards and penalized high achievers that were part of the district’s COVID-19 response. Who voted to remove the ability for high school students to earn letter and numerical grades for the entire second semester of the 2019-2020 school year? If you guessed Ms. Weber and Mr. Sanchez, give yourself a round of applause. While they were at it, they also lowered the requirement to pass classes to a 60, down from a 70. This wasn’t kind; this was CRUEL.

As a result, how many students, particularly high school students, just gave up and did the bare minimum?

The entire bungled COVID-19 response

But that was just the tip of the iceberg for Ms. Weber and Mr. Sanchez. While Jay Cunningham, Page Rander and Jennifer Broddle gaslighted parents and students on the theft of letter grades, Ms. Weber and Ms. Sanchez sat back, not once sticking up for your children who had their fine arts, FFA, sports, and other extracurriculars canceled. All that was left was academics, and they took that away, too.

Neither of them were interested in giving brick and mortar parents the choice that they selected; as Superintendent Dr. Greg Smith pushed back the school start date from August 18, then to August 24 (with two weeks of mandatory online learning for the majority of students, then to August 24 with THREE weeks, Ms. Weber and Mr. Sanchez did… nothing.

Literally nothing. They accepted Dr. Smith’s faulty recommendation without question, not even asking what special education parents, working parents, and parents without devices for their K-3 children would do.

And let’s not forget that Ms. Weber also voted to spend $5 million on laptops for K-3 – laptops which didn’t arrive until after the brick and mortar start date. Think about all the other things that $5 million could have been spent on: upgrading classrooms, making sure teachers had the supplies they need… but no. Laptops for little kids.

So who do we vote for?

In District 3, there is just one challenger. Jason Clark is an experienced teacher and educator. He wants to work hard for the Special Education families, a segment that has historically been neglected. He also wants to uphold high standards for the district.

Let’s face it; having an educator on the Board of Trustees may bring the perspective that is very much needed to ensure money stays in the classroom. Mr. Clark seems like a solid choice to bring CCISD back to a top rated school district.

In District 2, Ms. Weber has two challengers. Michelle Davis is the best choice to undo the damage Ms. Weber has done in her short time back in office. Unlike Ms. Weber, Ms. Davis believes in financial responsibility. She wants to eliminate unnecessary spending (ahem, $5 million on laptops!) And as a bonus, she wants to make it easier to vote for Board of Trustees members.

Ms. Davis is a fiscal conservative, which is what we need on the Board of Trustees, since six of them seem to want to spend money like it’s tap water. She’s endorsed by State Rep. Mayes Middleton and League City Councilman Nick Long. She is the absolute best choice to replace Ms. Weber, and she deserves your vote.

The bottom line? If you live in District 2, vote for Michelle Davis. If you live in District 3, vote for Jason Clark. It’s abundantly clear that the incumbents don’t care about children, families or taxpayers.

2 thoughts on “Time to vote out more incumbents

  1. your vote counts. walk the halls in your schools. look at the corners that are being cut. you pay for that. managment has no incentive to do their job, and it shows in the condition of your campus. theft, corruption from Vreg Smith down to Ed Hall, your vote counts. these people are stealing from your kids, and they laugh at you while they do it.

  2. I am so worry about the outcome that this could bring to our children and our future..
    How can we fix the problem? How to voted them out?

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