Transparent like a fog: Where are CCISD’s check registers?

One thing we noticed when we were trying to figure out how much Clear Creek ISD spent on the Cambrian Group‘s strategic plan full of pie-in-the-sky dreams is that the CCISD check registers available on the website end in August 2016. That’s nearly three years of spending that CCISD isn’t showing us. What are they trying to hide? And don’t we have a right to know where our taxpayer dollars are going?

CCISD receives approximately $300 million in revenue from property taxes, plus about $100 million in state aid, according to the financial report ending in August 2018. That’s a lot of money coming from taxpayers. Yet CCISD, for all its talk of effective communication, hasn’t posted check registers for two years.

Compare that to some other Texas school districts:

  • Alvin ISD posts monthly check registers, the last one posted in May 2019. Alvin ISD serves over 20,000 students.
  • Houston ISD, for all its troubles, posts current check registers, searchable by vendor. Houston ISD is the largest independent school district in Texas, serving nearly 210,000 students. It’s a mess, but it’s a transparent mess.
  • Spring ISD posts check registers through 2019. The district serves over 35,000 students.

But CCISD? Financial transparency in Clear Creek ISD is about as transparent as fog. It may be years before we know the true cost of the Gibson report, and years before we know how much money they’ve squandered on legal fees as they fight the families of James Collins and the Special Education students who have been treated unjustly. We may never know how much of our taxpayer dollars they’re spending on useless consultants and pretty words that can’t be put into action.

Again, what is CCISD trying to hide?!

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