Was Sara Holder the best choice to lead the SBAC?

When Clear Creek ISD formed its School Boundary Advisory Committee, it needed to elect two chairs to lead it. The two co-chairs of the SBAC for 2018-2019 were Ross Norman, the parent of a Goforth Elementary student and a resident of The Meadows in League City – and Sara Holder a/k/a Sara Meyn Holder, the parent of a Clear Lake High School student who lives near Exploration Green in Clear Lake City. Based on social media posts, Sara Holder appears to be a personal friend of Ann Hammond, who was trounced in the recent Board of Trustees election by a 28-year-old.

Aside from liking what seems like every single brewery in the area (along with Hooters) on Facebook, Ross Norman is pretty bland. I mean, he thinks he’s Will Ferrell in Elf, for goodness sake! He may write “Happy Birthday” to his wife on a $1 bill and live in a house worth $330,000, but he’s basically your average sock puppet. This, of course, makes him the perfect choice to lead the next SBAC – easily malleable and easily led. This was Ross’s first term on the SBAC.

No, the real plant leading the SBAC this time was Sara Holder, no matter how much she protests. As mentioned in a previous post, Ms. Holder promised Ms. Hammond that she would “give him hell every chance [she] got,” referring to Scott Bowen, who handily beat Ms. Hammond. She’s firmly in the pocket of the cabal.

This isn’t Sara Holder’s first time on the SBAC. She was also on the 2011-2012 SBAC. CCISD shuffled around a whole bunch of elementary school kids in that rezoning, too. Neighborhoods were split, and needless to say Dr. Steven Ebell and the Board of Trustees ignored multiple pleas. And here’s the kicker: her kids were NOT affected in either rezoning – don’t believe her when she talks about how the SBAC “affected” her.

But it goes even deeper than that. Ms. Holder is very, very clearly a member of the liberal cabal and more than just a CCISD Board of Trustees sock puppet. Let’s take a look at a few of her Facebook likes:

  • Several Beto O’Rourke pages, including Jews for Beto and Dogs for Beto
  • At least six atheist pages. (Yes, she’s an atheist.)
  • Hate Liberals? Bite Me. (Yes, that was a favorite of Ann Hammond.)
  • At least three “gun control” pages, including Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. (She doesn’t want you to have guns.)
  • Jesus Was Not a Republican (I don’t think anyone said he was, but what does an atheist care?!)
  • Al Franken (Mr. Gropes a Lot!)
  • Gavin Newsom (The uber-liberal governor of California – you know, the state that Texas is desperately trying not to turn into)
  • Occupy Democrats
  • Three pro-abortion pages, including the National Organization for Women and Center for Reproductive Rights. (One could infer that she’s more interested in killing children before they can attend CCISD schools than advocating for what’s best for them.)
  • Living Blue in Texas and Living Blue in a Red State (You’re welcome to move.)
  • Joe Biden (Another Groper Extraordinaire!)
  • Boycott Chick-fil-A (Which is sold by various PTAs at CCISD schools and wildly popular with the kids.)

There are more – a lot more. The SBAC was led by a raging, flaming liberal and an obvious plant (she’s also Facebook friends with Dr. Laura DuPont, Jennifer Broddle, and Jay Cunningham). This is who was chosen to lead the SBAC. This is who helped decide the fate of 42,000 children – someone who likes organizations that do not want children to be born. Someone who is a knee-jerk liberal who is super-cozy with the uber-liberal Ann Hammond.

Just think about that. Does that seem random to you?

*Photo: Community Impact.

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