Who’s afraid of the big, bad vouchers? CCISD!

The school voucher system puts control back into the hands of parents and allows them to place their children in a school of their choice. If the local schools are underperforming, parents can opt to send their children to a private school. This system creates a free market – and, as we all know, a free market leads to improvements. Think about the free market for cell phones. We started with big, bulky briefcase phones and now basically have computers in our pockets. It’s a great system!

So, of course, Clear Creek ISD opposes it vehemently. So much that the CCISD Board of Trustees listed this as a legislative priority:

Oppose any state voucher plan, tax credits, taxpayer savings grants, tuition reimbursements, or any program that diverts public tax dollars to private entities, homeschool students, or parents with no academic or financial accountability or transparency to the state, taxpayers, or local communities.

CCISD Board of Trustees website

As we’ve seen numerous times, CCISD (and the Board of Trustees) does not want to act in the best interest of children. It wants to act in the best interest of CCISD, despite large gaps between schools just a mile away from each other. It does not want to address the root causes of underperformance. Rather, it wants to keep residents locked in to whatever school CCISD deems children should attend.

Let me make this very clear: CCISD, and the Board of Trustees, does not want to improve their underperforming schools, nor do they want your children to go to a better school. Your child is at Brookside Intermediate, Clear Creek Intermediate, Whitcomb Elementary or McWhirter Elementary, which are barely meeting the standards set by the Texas Education Agency? Tough. You can try to apply for an intra-district transfer, but who knows if it will go through? Nope, you’re stuck.

And this isn’t going to change, by the way. The incumbents up for election for the Board of Trustees, Dr. Laura DuPont and Ann Hammond, vehemently oppose school choice. When asked in a candidate’s forum about school choice, they had this to say:

DuPont: No. We went to Austin to talk to lawmakers about this. We don’t want public tax dollars going into private areas, which is what the voucher system is set up to do, with no or little accountability.

Hammond: Public funds need to be in public schools. We’re fortunate we’re in a district that is very high quality. Public schools, including those in this district, offer residents many choices for whatever education or post-secondary choices they want to pursue. I don’t want those public tax dollars to go elsewhere.

Keep in mind these are the same Board members that wholeheartedly reject the TEA ratings, which is a form of accountability. I do not think they know what that word means.

Ultimate takeaway: CCISD is not interested in improving their underperforming schools. Nor are they interested in your child getting the best education available.

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