Will the Board of Trustees choose a special election – or a sock puppet?

And the new trustee sings, "I'm your puppet"

We all know the answer to this question, but let’s hypothetically assume the Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees is actually trying to do right by the taxpayers and students. Take a look at the CCISD Board of Trustees agenda for June 24, 2019 again. Under “Closed Session,” the first item is a consultation with CCISD’s attorney regarding the Board’s options for filling late Trustee Chris Reed‘s spot.

Well, according to BBC(LEGAL), it’s a pretty clear choice. The exact words are:

If a vacancy occurs on the board, the remaining board members may fill the vacancy by appointment until the next trustee election, or may order a special election to fill the vacancy.

Essentially, the Board of Trustees can appoint a sock puppet who will do the bidding of the Five (Rander, Cunningham, Sanchez, DuPont, and Sock Puppet Broddle), or they can hold a special election to ensure the students and families in District 2 are properly represented through May 2020, when Trustee Reed’s term would have been up.

It appears that the Board hasn’t made a decision yet. The longer they wait, the more influence the Five can exert. Should the Board appoint someone to fill the District 2 position, it will speak volumes about how they actually view the families and children they’re supposed to represent.

Here’s what we bet will happen: the Five will argue to appoint someone, and Trustee Scott Bowen will oppose. The Five will say it costs too much to hold a special election, that it will take too long, that it’s less than a year until the election – whatever excuses they can pull out of their, well, you know. And because the Five have the majority (read: they’re a bunch of lemmings), they’ll overrule any objections. Never mind that whoever they pick can make 10 months’ worth of very bad decisions.

And then it will be the Six. Six trustees that will continue to allow special education children to be abused. Six trustees that will slough off responsibility and declare that it’s “not my job.” Six trustees that will continue to vote to waste money, to the detriment of all the students in CCISD.

Don’t want this to happen?

Email the Entire Board and tell them that you want a special election – especially if you live in District 2.

Call the Office of Policy and Legal Affairs at 281-284-0013, or email General Counsel Leila Sarmecanic and her Executive Assistant Bea Bentley to tell them you want a special election.

And if the Board of Trustees appoints someone to fill the District 2 position? We’ll remember this at election time. We’re not as dumb as the Five think we are.

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