Win Weber: The newest storm trooper?

Win Weber CCISD

At the Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees meeting on Monday night, the Board voted 5-1 to fill the District 2 position (Chris Reed’s former spot) with Winifred Bandy Weber, aka Win Weber. Ms. Weber formerly held that spot before deciding not to run again, leaving the position open for Mr. Reed to run unopposed.

After Mr. Reed’s death, the CCISD Board of Trustees had three options under Tex. Educ. Code Section 11.060:

  1. Flat-out appoint someone.
  2. Open up an interview process so that the entire Board could meet the person they wanted to appoint.
  3. Hold a special election.
All cozied up: Front, Ann Hammond. Back (L-R): Dee Scott, Win Weber.

CCISD Board of Trustees wasted time

Instead of choosing (2) or (3), with holding a special election being the best case scenario, the Board appointed someone. Now let’s look at how it went down and the facts surrounding this appointment.

First, Mr. Reed passed away in early June. His death was confirmed on June 9. The Board of Trustees held a closed session on June 24 to start discussing how to fill the Board vacancy. That would have been a very good time to open up an interview process.

But no, the CCISD Board of Trustees hesitated. They waited. They hid under the guise of “grieving.” Trustee Page Rander justified the decision to appoint someone because of “grief” – not surprising for someone who changed her Facebook profile picture to be of Chris Reed. However, Ms. Rander works in human resources. If someone dies at work, you don’t sit around for six weeks with an open position “grieving.” You fill that position so you can get back to work. We would argue that having a fully functioning Board of Trustees requires setting aside your “grief” and getting the job done.

So to quickly fill the open Trustee position after shucking it off for six weeks, the Board of Trustees goes with a straight appointment.

Win Weber: Criminal attorney

So who is this Win Weber that Trustee Jay Cunningham praised so highly, and who Trustee Laura DuPont said would be a fine way to honor Mr. Reed’s legacy?

Well, as Ms. DuPont so enthusiastically said, Ms. Weber is an attorney. But not just any attorney – an attorney that focuses on criminal law. One can’t help but wonder if the Board of Trustees will need a criminal attorney in the very near future, if they’re so enthusiastic about appointing her.

She spent nine years on the Board of Trustees already, and apparently was a big influence for Mr. Cunningham, so we already know how this will play out, right? Did she teach him how to operate a recording device?

These days, Ms. Weber primarily takes on court-appointed clients in your standard drunk driving/domestic violence/general scumbag cases. But of note is Ms. Weber’s representation of a man who sexually assaulted a 6-year-old – and then skipped bail. She’s been known to file frivolous appeals, more than once, tying up the courts. Her children have already graduated from CCISD schools, so she has no real dog in this fight.

The scenario basically played out exactly as we expected: the Five chose someone who would play along with them. Trustee Scott Bowen spoke out against this appointment, diplomatically stating that he was voting against the appointment because he is voting against the process of appointing someone, not Ms. Weber personally. And ultimately, Mr. Bowen was the lone dissenting vote, an expression of tightly controlled anger on his face from the moment the Trustees sat down at the beginning of the public session until the vote was cast. This was obvious from the video – the crossed arms, the defensive posture, and the look on his face as he struggled to be the only one doing the right thing for the children, families, and taxpayers he represents.

In other words, we have another CCISD Board of Trustees member who will vote in lockstep with the Five. It will now be the Six against Mr. Bowen; six people who are not interested in doing what is best for the children and families of CCISD.

Remember this at election time, folks.

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  1. I have about 2 years worth of pictures that will demonstrate the CCISD school boards leadership here in the district for anyone who wants them.

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